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Utilisation of by-products and alternative construction materials in new Mine Construction


UPACMIC (Utilisation of by-products and alternative construction materials in new mine Construction, LIFE12 ENV/FI/000592) aims to utilize alternative construction materials in new mining facilities and remediating the existing ones.


The approach proposed by the project derives from waste material mixture methods applied in various infrastructure development projects. Owing to the UPACMIC project this technology will be implemented in the mining industry for the first time.

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UPACMIC aimed to demonstrate the technical and environmental feasibility of structures that are suitable in the mining environment and are made of alternative materials instead of using only virgin natural aggregates, bentonite products, geomembranes or other geosynthetic materials.


The UPACMIC project is coordinated by Ramboll Finland Oy and associated beneficiaries are Skarta Finland Oy and Fortum Waste Solutions Oy.

The project is financed by the EU LIFE+ Environmental Policy & Governance programme and Ministry of the Environment.



Other information

The project serves the needs of developing the European and national environmental legislation and policy on better resource and waste management practices. It is aimed that the UPACMIC project will contribute to the process of recognising new, innovative solutions such as intelligent material mixtures with positive buffering qualities as possible alternative materials in the construction and remediation of mining waste storage facilities.

The main by-products being investigated are fly-ash form power generation and furnaces, fibre clays from the paper industries, gypsum and foundry sands. These products have active neutralising and/or sealing properties and have been successfully used to date on smaller scale containment processes in other sectors. Tailings dam construction and rehabilitation are a major part of the mining industries capital costs and later closure costs. To find ways to increase the safety and environmental effectiveness of these processes, while reducing costs is the laudable goal of this project.







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