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Cover structures

Cover structures have been tested first in field tests in Pyhäsalmi Mine in 2016. In 2017 first phase of construction started at the Hitura Mine that has to be closed. Fiber clay was used for the first time in the mining environment in Finland in cover structures. Fortum Waste Solutions Oy was responsible for the construction and the work was supervised by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Northern Ostrobothnia.

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Cover structure piloted also in second phase of Hitura mine closure. The pilot implemented in the closure of the crushed rock pile. The construction utilized clay from the mining area to replace the use of moraine. The results achieved from the pilot was compared with previously piloted moraine and fiber structures. The construction took take place in 2021 by Skarta Finland Oy.

Bottom structures

The sealing structure was piloted at Sorsasalo waste deposit site in Kuopio 2020-2022. The piloting included Hitura mine water treatment sludge and industrial by-product utilization in vertical sealing barrier construction. The piloting was carried out by Fortum Waste Solutions Oy.

Reactive structures

The reactive structures were piloted at Hitura mine in 2021. Two structures were implemented:

Structure 1:

The use of recycled materials in two-step water treatment. In the first phase, the pH of the water was raised with a limestone dam. In the second stage, water flows through a geopolymer filter.

Structure 2:

The piloting consists of two pools. Reactive carpets were installed between gravel layers at the bottom of the pools. The water infiltrates through the structure gravitationally.

The design and material testing were carried out by Ramboll Finland Oy in cooperation with the KAIVASU project. Feasib Analytics was responsible for monitoring of the piloting and analysing water samples. Skarta Finland Oy was responsible for the construction and Ramboll Finland Oy was responsible for reporting.

The follow-up of reactive structures will continue after the UPACMIC project by Feasib Analytics.

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